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Chimney caps are a crucial, yet frequently overlooked component of a healthy chimney. While covering your chimney’s flue with an open screen that lets hot air and gas escape but keeps outside elements from entering, chimney caps protect your chimney in several ways, and also add beauty and uniqueness to your home. At The Chimney Man, we’re proud of our custom-made chimney caps, and we’re available to build and install a beautiful, well-designed chimney cap for your home.

Typical chimney caps are made of galvanized metal, copper or stainless steel. They can be elaborate, custom-made pieces, or store-bought items designed to fit a variety of chimney types and sizes. The chimney cap is the first point of failure for chimneys: the metal may weaken and sometimes corrode, and the fasteners that hold it in place may eventually fail. For this reason and more, it’s important to purchase a quality chimney cap that you can depend on.

Chimney caps are of critical importance. Leaving your chimney uncapped can result in water damage to your chimney flue, or create a situation that creates a potential for blockages. An open chimney is attractive to animals, which may build a nest in your chimney. Any potential for a clog or blockage in your chimney should be taken very seriously, since it could cause carbon monoxide to enter the living spaces of your home.

Our family-owned company is an experienced team of craftsmen. When it comes to chimney caps, we’re the best in the business in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Our rugged and robust chimney caps are built to last for decades, and outperform store-bought caps on every front. Plus, our caps are custom-built and custom installed, ensuring that they are securely fastened and that there is no risk of damage due to movement from wind.

Hire us for your chimney cap project and you’ll get personalized, expert service. We’ll visit at your convenience to measure your chimney and flue, determine the best mount, and discuss options for your chimney cap design. We’ll schedule our installation and then build the custom chimney cap at our fabrication shop. On installation day, our installer will test fit and then mount the chimney cap on your chimney, ensuring protection for your chimney – and your home – for years to come.

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