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Your chimney is of vital importance to the comfort of your home. By exhausting harmful gases, chemicals, and moisture produced by the furnace, boiler or water heater, chimneys not only help to provide a comfortable living space, they keep your family safe. This is why regular chimney cleaning is so important, and why you should look no further than The Chimney Man for Chimney Cleaning in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.

The chimney is one of the few elements of your home that is under near-constant use. In most homes and in most climates, the chimney is rarely without heated air passing through it, carrying chemicals and particles that build up on the inside of the chimney flue. This buildup is typically in the form of soot and creosote, a flammable material that can cause dangerous fires if not removed periodically.

Creosote fires can burn fast and hot, quickly damaging your chimney and possibly spreading to the living areas of your home. To avoid a costly chimney repair or devastating fire, it’s important to call on an expert in chimneys to properly inspect and clean your chimney. In Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin, no one knows chimneys like The Chimney Man.

We treat each and every chimney cleaning as an individual case. Whether your house has a fireplace, wood stove, or just a typical gas furnace system, you can rest easy knowing we have the knowledge and expertise to prevent any potential problems, and put your mind at ease. We’ll thoroughly clean the flue, smoke chamber, damper blade, connector pipes, fire box, and any other components of the system that may collect soot and creosote.

With over 25 years of chimney experience, we’ve cleaned chimneys of all sizes and conditions. With this much experience under our belt, we’ve developed a true difference from the competition. The Chimney Man looks at your chimney in a holistic manner, identifying potential problems that can require a costly repairs, chimney restoration, or even a chimney rebuild down the line. We treat our customers with the highest regard, and you can count on us to conduct the chimney cleaning efficiently, effectively, and without disrupting your day. Best of all, we’ll leave no trace of ourselves. The Chimney Man only leaves behind one thing: piece of mind that your chimney is clean, safe, and operating at full efficiency.

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