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You may find yourself in a situation where chimney repair is not sufficient. Through decades of neglect combined with season after season of harsh Southeastern Wisconsin weather, chimneys can become ineffective and structurally unsafe. When your Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin chimney is at the end of its life, you’re going to need an expert contractor for a full chimney rebuild – you’re going to need The Chimney Man.

What does it take to rebuild a chimney on an existing home? It takes experience, first and foremost. Every chimney rebuild is unique, and it requires skill and years of experience to understand the intricacies of a chimney rebuild.

Other contractors may avoid the high-skill work of total chimney rebuilds and recommend tuckpointing instead. Simply put, tuckpointing is ineffective if your chimney’s structural integrity has been compromised. Loose bricks will not be fixed with simple tuckpointing if the underlying structure is not sound. Our 25 years of experience provides us with the knowledge and skill to properly diagnose a chimney problem, and recommend a rebuild if it’s necessary.

An improperly diagnosed chimney problem can lead to serious safety issues and costly repairs. Your chimney is responsible for removing hazardous gasses from your home, and if it’s not doing so efficiently and completely, it can affect the health of your family. In addition, the structural issues involved with a chimney that is at the end of its life are of great concern. Falling debris from a broken chimney can be a serious liability.

At The Chimney Man, we live and breathe chimneys. Our experienced craftsmen pride themselves on being a family-owned, ethically-operated company. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and owner is on-site at every job. These practices and values are the standards by which we hold ourselves and our work, ensuring that every job is treated with equal respect and thoroughness.

Hire us today for your project, and we’ll recommend the correct course of action to ensure that your chimney continues to contribute to the comfort of your home for many years to come. Rebuilds, repairs, restoration, cleaning and more – for all things chimneys, we’re your experts!

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