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Chimneys are exposed to the most extreme conditions that the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin area can dish out. Extending upwards off of your roof means they catch every bit of harsh summer sunlight, cold winter winds, and significant amounts of moisture. While eventually all chimneys will require chimney repair or even a chimney rebuild, you’ll begin to notice wear and tear on your chimney much sooner, leaving it with a drab and unkempt look. It’s good to know that this eyesore does not have to continue to exist, because The Chimney Man offers the best chimney restoration services in the area!

Being chimney experts gives us a unique perspective on all things chimneys. We know chimneys and chimney history inside and out, and we have vast experience building and repairing all types of chimneys. When it comes to taking a worn down chimney and restoring it to its former glory, we’re always up to the task.

Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll come by at your convenience to take a thorough look at your chimney. We’ll identify the opportunities that exist to reduce the look of aging and weathering of the brick and fix and repair unsightly mortar cracks and pitting. We also service chimney caps: we’ll examine the condition of yours, and make sure it’s both serving its purpose and looking good at the same time. We can replace it with a new model, or sometimes even restore the current chimney cap as well.

Our brick and masonry skills are second to none, and these skills are critical when restoring a brick chimney. Oftentimes, chimney restoration includes challenging jobs, such as tuckpointing, that are more difficult than even new chimney construction. Our experience with cleaning, restoring and properly caring for brick and mortar chimneys, combined with our experience in repairing and building the same chimneys, results in a skillset that is perfectly suited to chimney restoration.  

Our expert technicians are courteous and won’t cause disruption to your day during the restoration. They’ll use the unique skills and experience we’ve developed with over 25 years of working on chimneys and apply it to your project, with outstanding results. You’ll love the look of your old chimney once the years of wear and tear have been stripped away and its beautiful appearance has been restored.

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Is your chimney worn down and in need of restoration? The Chimney Man is here for all your chimney needs in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Chimney restoration is just one of our many services. To learn more and schedule a free estimate, Contact Us today!