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While it may often go unnoticed, your chimney’s role in the comfort and safety of your home is of paramount importance. Keeping your chimney healthy is no difficult task, it just takes some planning and consideration. Perhaps the most effective preventative step you can take is to make sure your chimney’s mortar is in good condition, which will prevent serious damage to the brick from occurring. Tuckpointing, which is a simple process requiring a skilled hand, restores your mortar to its original state of attractiveness and effectiveness. In Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin, The Chimney Man Expert is your go-to for the best tuckpointing.

Season after season of Wisconsin weather can take a serious toll on mortar, and snow, ice and rain can cause small cracks, pitting and other imperfections. Once this damage starts, it can quickly escalate into a serious structural issue. Once the mortar is deteriorated, the surrounding bricks can develop cracks and chips, and damage that is much more expensive to repair can spread quickly.

Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing old, damaged mortar. The experienced craftsmen at The Chimney Man Expert begin by assessing the failed and failing areas of mortar, and identifying what needs replacement. The old mortar is then removed to a specific depth with various tools, and all debris is cleared away to ensure maximum adhesion. The open joints are then filled with color-matched mortar, which is smoothed out and compressed into the joint. The surface is then brushed and tooled for the best possible appearance.

When you hire The Chimney Man Expert for your tuckpointing job, you’re getting a family-owned company and a team of dedicated, passionate chimney experts. We are ethically-operated, and hold our customers in the highest regard. Our courteous craftsmen are careful to ensure that their work doesn’t interfere or disrupt your daily activities. With 25 years of chimney experience, we’ve developed effective methods and environmentally-friendly procedures to create the best chimney work available in the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin area. When your chimney needs tuckpointing or any other service, call on us for a team you can count on.

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